Tickled HOT Pink is an event devoted to the fight against breast cancer. Through fundraising and programming, Tickled HOT Pink seeks to promote breast cancer awareness and to provide services for under-served breast cancer patients and their families.

Tickled HOT Pink was conceived by two sisters who learned firsthand the importance of early detection when their mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at an early age. Early detection, proper treatment and follow-up care helped their mother become a breast cancer survivor. Tickled HOT Pink is dedicated to ensuring that there are more survivors in the world and proving that diagnosis is not a death sentence.

Tickled HOT Pink is a 21+ event, the second generation of Tickled Pink: Teens for the Cure, a mother-daughter event geared towards teenagers in the metropolitan area that to date has raised close to one million dollars over the past eight years. Tickled HOT Pink joins its predecessor in the fight against this disease and celebrates life in honor, celebration, and memory of all those who have fought their battles with this disease.

Tickled HOT Pink is a proud component of the Mission In Pink Non-Profit Organization. We recognize that breast cancer knows no age, race or color and believe that the equality of care for all women, both medical and emotional, is paramount.

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Medium Rare is a collaborative event production company that specializes in unique social experiences for a targeted network of artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking for something different. 

We combine nightlife and culture to unify our guests and to create a medium for the sharing of creativity and self-expression in one-of-a-kind spaces throughout NYC. 

Our community of collaborators include diverse styles of musicians, vocalists, DJ’s, live artists, body painters, dancers, aerialists, foodies, fashionistas, and more.

Our events bring people together in a way that promotes and supports the artistic endeavors of young people while providing entertainment in stimulating and thought provoking environments.


Dobbin St is a tailored event space centrally located in Williamsburg, steps away from picturesque McCarren park. A transformed Brooklyn factory that exudes a minimalist and luxury feel, boasting stunning Manhattan skyline views and vaulted 22 ft ceilings.

The venue combines 8,900 sq ft of indoor and outdoor space. Dobbin St was designed with the sole intention to create the most exceptional and stunning event experience. Our clients have the use of 4,250 sq ft of internal space, and a 750 sq ft dedicated client mezzanine. A 900 sq ft courtyard is the hidden gem that completes the space.

We are thrilled to be hosting Plan A at the beautiful Dobbin St venue space!

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Sustain Natural

AFR Event Furnishings

The Emanuel and Anna Weinstein Foundation

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Nina Dine, Maggie Braine, Carola Beeney, Chloe Bethel, Lyndsay Nevins, Aaron Kay, Danielle Dankner, Iris Dankner, Jay Dankner, Sam Astor, Jessica Hothershall, Christina Fig Valiquette,  Elia Monte-Brown, Amy Power, Erica Dayan, Natalie Terens, Madeline Jans-Neuberger, Rachel Kleinman, Rachel Katz, Jennifer Kaplan, Zoe Kessler, Brett Lichtman, Casey Lichtman, and Niki Dankner. 


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